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    "Our vision is for every child born into poverty to have an opportunity to live productive and peaceful lives"

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    Give hope for a Better Future

Meet our Staff

Meet our Staff

Meet the staff of  Children’s Hope United. A diversity of staff members with all their own inspiration to help the children in Morocco.

Meet the Children

Meet the Children

Meet the adopted children and hear their stories!

Give Hope

Give Hope

Find out how YOU can GIVE HOPE to children

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is for every child born into poverty to have an opportunity to live productive and peaceful lives.

Our Mission is to contribute significant amounts of assistance in order to improve the situation of deprived children in Morocco. In order for us to shape this purpose, we encourage long-term projects for orphanages and schools that are in need of immediate help.

Our goal is to help those children shape a brighter future and most importantly, to enable them to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation!

Make a Difference

Support CHU with the donation of your chosen amount Your supported amount shows suffering children that someone cares. CHU will be able to fund the children’s projects because of your GIVE HOPE support.

In each project, our mission is to give all the projects a prolonged formation. We are committed to seeing our projects through to the end and attaining our goals to give each child a chance towards a better future.

Learn more about the Give Hope Project

Our goal is to stimulate children that live in severe poverty in order to give them better opportunities to integrate in society. To reach this objective, we use the positive psychological effects of sports to achieve better results in the classroom. Our primary focus groups are girls of orphanages between the age of 6 and 12 years old, without excluding boys, in order to provide equal opportunities.

The mission of the Give Hope Project is to give hope by opening up chances for deprived children in Morocco through sport and education. We believe sport can liberate a child’s life in many different ways; studies show that sport will stimulate a child’s self-esteem as well as it will increase the results in school.

Read further about the Give Hope Project under the link “current project” to learn more about our mission, our yearly actions and the positive effects sport brings to children.


CHU First Official meeting at the orphange
CHU Staff Meeting
CHU gets a tour through the orphanage
One on One Time with the orphans
Fez – Morocco Summer 2013